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About Lioness Books and Media

Welcome to Lioness Books, a media platform to amplify the voices of women engaged in social change.  

We are more than a book publishing company. We are a community of courageous women doing the crucial work of bettering humanity. At Lioness Books and Media, we hold a megaphone for each other as we birth our powerful words into the world.

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Lioness Books publishes books and other media by women change-agents and helps craft media to amplify your voices in the world.  We value the ideas of women like you who are dedicated to improving lives on our planet, and we are here to help you better establish your authority and expertise in crucial areas of social change in order to widen your reach and strengthen your impact.

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Our lionesses tackle some of the hardest issues with courage and compassion -- issues such as sexual abuse, poverty, hunger, racism, war, domestic violence, eating disorders, LGBTQ issues, disability rights, the environment, animal protection, and more. Lionesses also advance women in the workplace, in politics, and in the economy. We are especially interested in women whose work benefits women and girls. We are proudly feminist and are dedicated to the core value of supporting women in their work as warriors for humanity. By helping our lionesses produce and release books about their work and ideas, we are strengthening women as forces of good in the world.

Does this sound like you? Are you looking to amplify your voice and find your power? Tell us your story! We want to hear! Let us help you release your inner lioness and unleash your power in the world.

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