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Welcome to Lioness Books and Media

Do you have a book that you would like to get into the world? We can help you!

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Publishing with Lioness: Video

Publishing with Lioness

Lioness Books and Media publishes books by women and non-binary/non-conforming people who are doing important work in the world and who want to use their book to help establish their authority as experts.

Does this sound like you? Read on. 

Do you have a book that you would like to publish with Lioness? Take a look at our packages to find your fit.

Publishing with Lioness: Welcome

The Lioness Publishing Model

At Lioness, we believe that you deserve  to be supported as you get your book into the world. You have an important voice and a vital contribution to make, and we want to make that happen. We are here to support you as you shoot for the best sales, highest royalties, and longest shelf life.

Most importantly, we want to make sure that the book launches you as an author-expert in your field. The book is a crucial tool to help you sound your voice and build your reputation as someone worth listening to. 

We at Lioness have a unique model for publishing. We want you to get paid, we want you to have control over your sales and marketing, and we want to support you all the way through. 

What you get:

* You receive ALL royalties on your book sales. 

* You have full control over marketing plans

* You determine the timetables for launching

* You decide how, when, and where the book sells, and for how long

* You can also sell and distribute on your own, receiving larger profits

You pay Lioness based on what kinds of services you want and need from us. For instance, you can decide for yourself how much marketing assistance you need from us -- one meeting, ongoing coaching, or full involvement. You can also decide how much editing you need -- whether you want to submit the manuscript complete and fully edited, or whether you want us to do that work for you. 

Sound interesting to you? Contact us to schedule a chat at

Below is an outline of the fee structure. 

Publishing with Lioness: Return Policy

Choose your plan

  • Publish my Book

    For authors who have a ready manuscript and are eager to go
    • Proofing and copy-editing
    • E-Book layout and design
    • Cover design
    • ISBN and Library of Congress registration
    • Distribution set-up
    • Print-book design and layout
    • Two-hour marketing coaching
    • Marketing collateral -- press-release, sell-sheet, blurb
    • Ten print copies of the book
  • Launch my Book

    Six-step marketing coaching in advance of your book release
    Valid for 6 weeks
    • Planning and executing book launch
    • Weekly intensive one-on-one marketing coaching
    • Mastering social media use for book marketing
    • Worksheets and task lists
    • Providing you with the skills you need for long-term marketi
    • Getting reviews and endorsements
  • Fix my Book

    For people who have a messy draft that needs major editing
    Valid for 3 months
    • Development editing
    • Structuring and organizing
    • Fixing language consistency
    • Making order out of chaos
    • Establishing themes
    • Creating a strong arc
  • Write my Book for Me

    For people who are too busy to write themselves
    Valid for 6 months
    • Ghost writing your book
    • 10-12 hours of interviewing
    • Constructing themes, outlines, structure
    • Writing 50-80,000 words
  • Help me Write

    Every month
    Coaching for writers who need help getting their book done
     7 day free trial
    • Weekly writing coaching
    • Best practices experienced, published, award-winning write
    • Ongoing, personalized, online support
    • Connections with other lionesses
  • Publicize my Book

    Every month
    Media PR services
    • Crafting press release and sale sheet
    • Reaching out to media in advance of the book
    • Actively seeking reviewers
    • Getting media spots
    • Pursuing social media spots, such as podcasts
    • Exploring paid advertising
    • Guidance for creating flip book and/or promo video
  • Celebrate Life

    Creating a book to mark a person's life legacy
    • * Up to 8 hours of interview
    • * Ghostwriting up to 50,000 word memoir
    • * 1-2 rounds of editing and proofing
    • * Preparation for next steps (design and publishing)
Publishing with Lioness: PaidPlans
Flying Books

What we are looking for

Topics: Topics can be anything aimed at making the world a more humane and compassionate place, such as issues of gender equality, racial equality, disabilities, LGBTQ issues, sexuality, the environment, reducing violence, alleviating poverty and hunger, promoting peace, sex trafficking, sexual abuse, and more. If you have a topic not listed here, or you are not sure that this is you, schedule a chat and we can figure it out together.  

Genre:  Lioness Books has a preference for non-fiction, including memoir, journalism, biography, sociology/anthropology, politics, science, history, economics, education, etc. Lioness Books is also willing to consider fiction and poetry if it is aimed at making the world a more compassionate place and establishing the author as an expert in a field. We are also open to cross-genres and to books that do not fit easily into a box. If you aren't sure, or you don't see your issue listed here, contact us and we can discuss your topic and see whether we are a match. 

Length and format: Manuscripts can be between 50,000-100,000 words and must be submitted as a Word document, 12-point font, using Headings and Styles. 

If you do not have a complete manuscript, or you have a manuscript that needs work, contact us about our services in Development Editing and Ghostwriting. If you don't know how to use styles, then we highly recommend getting training in that. We can help you. 

Publishing with Lioness: Store Policies
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