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Celebrate Life 

Books, memoirs, scrapbooks, and more

If you or someone you love is facing the need to mark a life and craft a legacy, we can help. 

At Lioness, we specialize in ghostwriting memoirs and end-of-life celebrations. We help you craft your life narrative and mark your impact on the world. 

Through a sensitive and intense process of interviewing, collecting materials, and writing, we can help you write the story of your life as you want it to be, the story that you will leave behind in this world. 

Dr. Elana Sztokman is certified in Spiritual and Pastoral Care from the Blaustein Center of Hebrew Union College. She also holds a doctorate in anthropology from Hebrew University with specialized training in interviewing and crafting biographical narratives. 

Reach out to Elana directly to schedule a conversation and see how Lioness can help you with this vital work of Celebrating Life.

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