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In time for NaNoWriMo: NEW Writing Course opening next week!

We are excited to announce that a new writing course is opening up next week for aspiring writers who are ready to get their books out of their heads and onto the page!

The course is geared towards those writing memoir, but is works for all genres. If you have been eager to tell your life story, this is the perfect opportunity!

The course, which will take place online for four weeks starting on Sunday 31 October, has some great benefits for aspiring writers. It provide you with:

  • Guaranteed time and place to get writing done

  • Immediate professional feedback

  • Invaluable peer feedback

  • Building connections with like-minded people and potential readers

The course is only $199 -- but if you book by 26 October, you will receive a 10% early-bird discount!

Contact us at for more information, or click here to sign up.

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