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Kol HaLev: A Jewish Chaplain's Handbook

Kol HaLev: A Jewish Chaplain's Handbook

Groundbreaking new resource for Jewish chaplains, written by two Maharat-trained rabbis, is sure to become a vital tool for Jewish clergy

Rabbi M. Chava Evans and Rabbi Eryn London,

Release date: 4 June 2023  
ISBN: 978-1-957712-10-9 (print) ISBN: 978-1-957712-09-3 (ebook)


This pioneering new book provides a much-needed resource for those dedicated to the holy work of healing and comfort-giving in the field of chaplaincy. Kol HaLev: A Jewish Chaplain's Handbook, is a thoughtful collection of prayers, meditations, and rituals used by Jewish chaplains and chaplains serving Jewish clients during some of the most emotionally delicate moments in people's lives. This comprehensive volume, which covers a broad range of events and circumstances such as birth, pre-op, post-op, illness, anxiety, and death and dying, includes vital information about each prayer, gentle explanations of how prayers are used, and personal reflections by the authors. Each text is brought in its original language, many of which are in Hebrew, followed by transliterations, translations, and easy-to-follow instructions. The sources in the book can be adapted to almost any situation of prayer and reflection. This handbook is sure to become an invaluable resource for the people engaged in this sacred work.


What people are saying about Kol Halev: A Jewish Chaplain’s Handbook

Kol Halev: A Jewish Chaplain's Handbook is a wonderful compilation of essential prayers and rituals used by clergy during some of life's most delicate moments. The easy-to-use volume covers moments of birth, death, and uncertainty with sensitivity, attentiveneness, and wisdom. This book will certainly be a vital resource for chaplains and rabbis. And I am extremely proud to say that the authors, Rabbi M Chava Evans and Rabbi Eryn London, are graduates of Yeshivat Maharat!”

  • Rabba Sarah Hurwitz, President and Co-Founder, Yeshivat Maharat


“Hospital Chaplaincies often ask me if there's a book specifically designed for Jewish chaplains and caregivers supporting their patients. Until "Kol Ha Lev," I knew of none. Chava and Eryn have created an invaluable resource. This comprehensive guide combines traditional and original Jewish prayers, offering tools to address diverse spiritual needs. It also bravely provides a menu of suggestions for modern Jewish Chaplains in public spaces to best serve patients of all faiths and none, leaving the choice to the user. I highly recommend Kol Ha Lev."

  • Rabbi Alex Goldberg, Dean of Religious Life and Belief, Surrey University


“It is inspirational to be aware of the years of experience which have gone into compiling this essential resource for all practitioners of Jewish pastoral and hospital work. At its heart are deeply moving and spiritual original prayers composed by the authors themselves. ‘I try to remind my colleagues and patients that they themselves are sources of blessing.’” (Rabbi M. Chava Evans)

  • Rabbi Michael Hilton, author, Rabbi Emeritus of Kol Chai Hatch End  Reform Jewish Community, a lecturer at Leo Baeck College London and a Honorary Research Fellow of the Centre for Jewish Studies, University of Manchester.


“Rabbi Eryn and Rabbi Chava have lovingly crafted a much-needed resource for Jewish chaplains and CPE students. With both traditional and creative resources, this book walks with the chaplain in navigating how we offer compassionate professional chaplaincy to patients, families, and staff of all faiths. Informed by extensive experience and heart, this is a wonderful contribution to Jewish spiritual care and to the wider field of chaplaincy!”

  • Rabbanit Alissa Thomas-Newborn, BCC, President-Elect of Neshama: Association of Jewish Chaplains, Hospital Chaplain, and Congregational Rabbanit


“The book will be a true balm for patients and their families”

  • Reverend Daniel H. Yang, Chaplain at New York-Presbyterian Hospital


“Clear! Concise! Informative! Inspirational! Rabbi Evans and Rabbi London have given the ‘Spiritual Care World’ a valuable tool! Whether you are of the Jewish faith or not, you will be blessed and better equipped to serve others with Kol Ha Lev: A Jewish Chaplain’s Handbook!”

  • Reverend Jules Christian, Pastor, Chaplain, Writer, and Counselor


“Excellent resource and so useful for every hospital chaplain. I shall be recommending it to all my colleagues.”

  • Dr. Harrie Cedar, Healthcare Chaplain at Guys and St Thomas’ Hospital, as well as the Jewish Chaplain at King’s College of London



About the authors

Rabbi M. Chava Evans is a chaplain, artist, poet, and liturgist who received her ordination from Yeshivat Maharat.

Rabbi Eryn London is a freelance Jewish educator, chaplain and rabbi living in London. She is involved with a number of projects within the UK and the global Jewish community. She received her ordination from Yeshivat Maharat.



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