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Masala Mamas PAPERBACK

Masala Mamas PAPERBACK

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Masala Mamas: Recipes and Stories from the Indian Women Changing their Communities with Food and Love
by Elana Sztokman, editor

In the Kalwa slum in Mumbai, India, where harsh conditions make it difficult for some children to study, an amazing group of women is working to make sure that kids go to school. Meet the Masala Mamas, 16 women who live in the Kalwa slum who are dedicating their lives to providing hot meals for kids in school. Every morning, they cook hundreds of meals – hot nutritious meals from fresh ingredientsand aromatic spices. They cook with extra special love, care and dedication. Because their customers are the most important people in the world: children.


These are their stories and their recipes. It is a cookbook like you’ve never seen before. It is about women, friendship, social change, Indian culture, and most of all love. All through food.


This book is a fundraising enterprise, to support the vital work of the women’s collective. All proceeds go to support the work of education, nutrition, and women’s empowerment in the Kalwa slum in Mumbai. For more information, go to 



“An incredibly informative and inspiring book. The Masala Mamas share their powerful life stories, their kitchen tips and techniques, as well as such wonderful recipes; I just can’t wait to start cooking.” --Jenny Chandler, United Nations - Special Ambassador for International Year of Pulses 2016


“Many themes run through the Masala Mamas Cookbook. One most important factor is about the powerful role of a woman in society and dedication towards their responsibilities. The book is not only a combination of various Indian recipes but also gives a homely feeling. All the ingredients used are natural and authentic. The recipes are nutritionally balanced. In short it is a bunch of beautifully crafted recipes that gives an insight into the Indian home kitchen. It is a remarkable book not only written skillfully but with a rare mix of loving attention and a deep sense of culinary art of an Indian woman.” -- Chef Prashant Tikadia, Executive Chef - Meluha The Fern & Rodas an Ecotel Hotel


“Finally we have an authentic Indian cookbook for the kosher home. This fabulous collection of authentic kosher Indian recipes show the home cook how fun and accessible Indian cuisine can be in our own kitchens with easy-to-follow recipes.” -- Naomi Nachman -- The Aussie Gourmet and cookbook author Perfect For Pesach


“The Masala Mamas’ Kitchen reflects the strength and voice that mothers and grandmothers have found thanks to GPM's initiatives. The stories and recipes will nourish the soul of every reader.” Mandie Winston, Executive Director, JDC Global Response, Innovative Development (GRID)


“It's 8 am. Shivaji Nagar, a neighbourhood 10 minutes away from Kalwa East railway station is stirring awake to the sound of devotional music playing on a loudspeaker. Among a row of shuttered shops, a 10x15 feet kitchen witnesses a flurry of activity. Five women, wearing polka dot aprons and scrub caps, are preparing 25 kilos of dal khichdi. The simple, hearty dish will feed 100 underprivileged children who study in class 1 to 4 of Joshua Greenberger Learning Centre, a school run by non-profit Gabriel Project Mumbai (GPM).” -- Krutika Behrawala, Mid-day online magazine 


"We can all learn from the way [The Masala Mamas] share their love and dedication with their children, families and community, through cooking.” -- Dr. Darren Weiss, President, Humble Smile Foundation


“Nothing is more precious to parents than good nutrition for their growing children, and the chance for improving their children's life chances provided by education….. Gabriel Project Mumbai (GPM) brings these two strong motivations together in a simple but beautiful way…..Together we can change the world, one child at a time.” -- Huseyin Arslan Andrew JacobsChairman – AGT Foods & Ingredients Director – AGT Poortman


“We could not be prouder of the ‘Masala Mamas’.” Naomi Eisenberger, Executive Director, CoFounder, Good People Fund


“The Masala Mamas cookbook is about so much more than food. It is about women’s lives, cultures, and friendships. This cookbook is a must-have for anyone interested in empowering women around the world.” -- Erin Zaikis, Founder, Sundara


“We are so proud of Gabriel Project Mumbai and 'Masala Mamas' and believe that the cookbook amplifies their work!” -- Dyonna Ginsburg, Executive Director, OLAM


“The Masala Mamas cook book is a wonderful initiative from Gabriel Project Mumbai….empower[ing] people, in particular women and children, to break free from poverty.” -- Dr Judith Stanton, Chief Executive, Tzedek


About the author

Dr. Elana Sztokman is an award-winning author, anthropologist, and feminist activist specializing in the lives of women in traditional societies.


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